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Just bought this Mitsubishi L300 4WD

Mitsubishi L300 4WD camper

After converting two Mitsubishi L400 LWB vans into a camper, I wanted to get my hands on a L300 4WD.

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Gas safety check in grogress

Under bed kitchen

Limitations for the kitchen The rear seats for the kids take up a lot of space, so the kitchen had to fit under the bed. I decided to make bed a bit higher than I normally would About 50cm was enough to house a small kitchen while still having plenty of space for sleeping without popping up…

Dometic HSG 2445

Dometic HSG 2445 2 burner hob and sink combination

I’ve used a Dometic HSG 2445 2 burner hob and sink combination because of the small footprint.

Sound deadening mats installed

Acoustic & thermal insulation

The camper van will have basic acoustic and thermal insulation on walls, floor and ceiling.