Roof rack with Rhino-Rack luggage basket

Published 12th February 2018
Updated 22nd February 2018

The popup roof is taking up the majority of the roof but there is still some space left to fit a small roof rack above the cabin. I used Thule 952 (20cm high) feet with Thule 765 cross bars to mount a Rhino-Rack luggage rack. Thule 527 locks are on all cross bars but I wouldn’t recommend them. I ordered 4 pairs in 2 separate orders and all locks came with the same keys. That leads me to believe that Thule has only one or a limited set of keys for their product. Convenient for me but also for a potential thief. The Rhino-Rack is designed to be used lengthwise covering half a roof of a smaller car but it fits my Mitsubishi L300 perfectly sideways.

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