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Just bought this Mitsubishi L300 4WD

Mitsubishi L300 4WD camper

After converting two Mitsubishi L400 LWB vans into a camper, I wanted to get my hands on a L300 4WD.

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Brantho Korrux 3 in 1

Brantho-Korrux 3 in 1

Brantho-Korrux 3 in 1 is described as rust preventative paint, primer and top coating, all in one. Because it’s available in just about any RAL colour, it could save some time.


POR-15 (Paint Over Rust)

I’ve used POR-15 for years to prevent or stop rust. The coating is a bit flexible and doesn’t get damaged easily.

Blueprint Mitsubishi L300 4WD LWB

Mitsubishi L300 4WD LWB specifications, dimensions and weights

Technical specifications, dimensions and weights for a stock European 2001 Mitsubishi L300 4WD LWB (long wheel base).