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Mitsubishi L300 4WD LWB specifications, dimensions and weights

Published 17th August 2017
Updated 26th December 2018

These technical specifications, dimensions and weights are for a stock European 2001 Mitsubishi L300 4WD LWB (long wheel base).


Blueprint Mitsubishi L300 4WD LWB

  1. 1430 mm
  2. 1690 mm
  3. 2440 mm
  4. 1160 mm
  5. 1175 mm
  6. 4775 mm
  7. 2105 mm
  8. 1415 mm
  9. 230 mm (no load)
  10. 28,5º
  11. 22º


Empty 1690 – 1720 kg (depending on options)
Max. 2505 kg
Max. load front axle 1300 kg
Max. load rear axle 1450 kg
Max. weight trailer (with brakes) 2000 kg
Max. weight trailer (without brakes) 600 kg
Max. load tow bar 75 kg
Max. load roof 150 kg


Max. speed 128 km/h
Turning radius 5,4 m
Max. climbing angle 35º


Front independent torsion
Rear solid axle leaf spring


Hydraulic power brakes
Front ventilated disc brakes
Rear drum brakes
Mechanical hand brake operating on the rear brakes

Wheels & tyres

Wheels 15×5,5J
Tyres 215R15 100Q
Recommended tyre pressure 1,8 bar (front) 2,3 bar (rear)


Type 4D56 2477cc
64 kW (87 HP)/201 Nm
Turbo TD04-09B, oil & water cooled
Fuel tank capacity 60 litres


Battery 12V 64 Ah


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